Izze October 13, 2015

Hello readers, this is Izze speaking. Welcome back to our blog. We apologize for the delay in postings – school and life continues to get in the way. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love you!  

Planning is coming along – I’ve found myself trying to schedule school work around my planning for next semester-time. I want to say I feel like it should be the other way around, but I mostly don’t. Thus far I have my passport in for renewal, I’ve got my international driver’s license (necessary because as an Au Pair I’ll have to drive the kids to and from school everyday), I’ve been approved for a leave of absence from my school, and I’ve purchased my one-way plane ticket to Spain. PURCHASED MY TICKET TO SPAIN – ME. I DID THAT. It looks like I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve on a plane – hopefully I’ll find a travel buddy to ring in the New Year with.

So basically, it’s happening. I can officially say that I’m going to Spain – I can, with confidence, decline any New Year’s or January birthday or my usual thousands of Valentine’s Day date invitations because, well, I’ll be in Spain. It’s INSANE – no, wait. Scratch that. It’s IN-SPAIN!! (I guess now would be a good time as any to let you know that all of my blog posts will be full of puns – I would say they’re going to be horrible, but I love puns, so they’re going to be great by my standards.) You might say I’m quite PUN-NY!

Anyway, IN-SPAIN. And CRAZY. And WILD. And MAD. I have always looked up to and idolized and, admittedly, thought the people who make the decision to travel by their own volition are making a crazy choice. People who decide to hop off the standard path and take off from school to travel – but now I’m doing it, and people, including myself, can look up to me, if they feel that way (well, provided that they’re less than five feet tall).

But, as my friend Max said to me today, “a lot of the best things came out of the wild and crazy” or something like that. And Max is right. Philippe Petit didn’t walk across a tightrope between the twin towers because it “sounded kind of interesting, something I’d like to try” or because he was “indifferent about things” or “normal.” He accomplished one of the absolutely craziest things our world has ever witnessed and he’s now known as a legend for his determination, passion, and wild spirit – not to mention his great balancing skills. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing him in a movie. (sidenote: if this part of my life, or any other part, for that matter, for some reason becomes a movie, I want Johnny Depp or Emma Stone to play me. Johnny’s played essentially every role there is to play and then some – he can pull off a 19 year-old woman, even at his age. If for some reason that doesn’t work out, I am basically Emma Stone anyway, and I also happen to be dating Spiderman.)

This journey is a wonderful mixture of wild and unconventional and terrifying, but also full of passion and dream-chasing and curiosity. And isn’t that what some of the best lives are made of?

One of my favorite quotes goes like this: “We want experiences very different from the bounce and rosiness of the happy moments.” I try to think about that everyday, and manifest some of those moments. This travel won’t be void of bounce and rosiness I’m sure, but there will most definitely be some moments that aren’t – which doesn’t inherently mean “bad,” but more challenging, or heart-stopping, or awe-inspiring. And that’s exciting. Those are  the kind of moments I want to have, to experience and live inside of.

So, here I go, to be in-Spain.


A Little Bit (too much) About Us

Hello humans, and welcome to our blog. Here you’ll find everything you might want to know about our journeys – maybe even some things you don’t want to know.

Who is “us”? Well, there’s three of us, Evin, Amelia, and Isobel/Izze. We’re roommates and next semester we’re traveling to Europe for five months – check out our gofundme pages to see a little more about that (IzzeEvinAmelia). As the planning is still in motion, we wanted to start the blog off with a little (too much) about us. So, here it is! Enjoy it. Love it. Hate it. We respect your opinions.

    1. Full name and the story behind it.

Isobel Amber Ketra Thieme – Isobel comes from a song called Isobel by an Icelandic singer named Bjork, in which she puts a ton of emphasis on the ‘O’. My parents went to her concert the night before they found out that I was a bun in the oven, and they loved the song like they love me, so they went with it. Amber is a maternal protective stone that my mom wore throughout the pregnancy and Ketra means ‘pure’ in Latvian. Pure-fect. (Also: call me Izze. Like the soda.)

Amelia Rose Landenberger – Amelia was supposed to be a family name but it was actually pronounced Am(ah)lia. And so my nickname was supposed to be Molly. My christmas stocking (hand knit by my grandmother) still says Molly… I haven’t been called Molly a day in my life. Whoops. 

Evin Brynne Harris– Yes, I’m a girl. My parents wanted me to have the same initials as my grandfather, EB, they thought a boy name for a girl was cute….I’m cute…. Continue reading “A Little Bit (too much) About Us”