A Little Bit (too much) About Us

Hello humans, and welcome to our blog. Here you’ll find everything you might want to know about our journeys – maybe even some things you don’t want to know.

Who is “us”? Well, there’s three of us, Evin, Amelia, and Isobel/Izze. We’re roommates and next semester we’re traveling to Europe for five months – check out our gofundme pages to see a little more about that (IzzeEvinAmelia). As the planning is still in motion, we wanted to start the blog off with a little (too much) about us. So, here it is! Enjoy it. Love it. Hate it. We respect your opinions.

    1. Full name and the story behind it.

Isobel Amber Ketra Thieme – Isobel comes from a song called Isobel by an Icelandic singer named Bjork, in which she puts a ton of emphasis on the ‘O’. My parents went to her concert the night before they found out that I was a bun in the oven, and they loved the song like they love me, so they went with it. Amber is a maternal protective stone that my mom wore throughout the pregnancy and Ketra means ‘pure’ in Latvian. Pure-fect. (Also: call me Izze. Like the soda.)

Amelia Rose Landenberger – Amelia was supposed to be a family name but it was actually pronounced Am(ah)lia. And so my nickname was supposed to be Molly. My christmas stocking (hand knit by my grandmother) still says Molly… I haven’t been called Molly a day in my life. Whoops. 

Evin Brynne Harris– Yes, I’m a girl. My parents wanted me to have the same initials as my grandfather, EB, they thought a boy name for a girl was cute….I’m cute….

     2. Where were you born? where’s your favorite place to eat there?

Izze – Denver, Colorado, but at St. Johns hospital, or something like that – my memory of the whole ordeal is a little bit fuzzy. My favorite place to eat is Chipotle. And my kitchen, when my dad makes molé or chicken enchiladas.

Evin – Denver, Colorado at Rose Hospital. My favorite place to eat in Denver is Sushi Den.

Amelia – I was born in Leominster, MA, but I grew up in Deerfield and my favorite place to eat there is Mesa Verde. THAI BURRITO BOWLS FOR DAYS!

     3. What do you think of when someone says “home?”

Izze – Waking up on a Sunday morning, hanging out in my pjs with my family, while my mom makes her signature breakfast meal called “eggs & noodles” and my dad plays a record of Billie Holiday, or maybe the Sex Pistols. That’s home.

Evin – I think of Colorado, anywhere in Colorado is my home, preferably with my family and the ones I love.

Amelia – I grew up in a dormitory because my parents are both faculty members at a boarding school for middle school boys. They live off campus now so technically my home is in South Deerfield where they live. But when I think “home” I think of Eaglebrook campus.

     4. Pet Peeves

Izze – LYING don’t lie, it’s messy and it’s lame and don’t be lame. Strangers who don’t smile at me when I smile at them. When people don’t say thank you when someone holds the door open for them. And, finally, when people DON’T USE THEIR DAMN BLINKERS.

Evin – When people throw away food without offering it to other people, by other people I mean me, leaving the sink running while brushing teeth, when everyone is jamming in the car and one person is singing the song like they are in the opera…show off, complainers, lying to be cool…let’s just not your probably already cool.

Amelia – When someone cuts you off and then starts walking really slowly in front of you, or really just slow walkers in general. PDA (public displays of affection) PLEASE STOP, no one needs to see your mating rituals but you and your partner, thankyouverymuch!

    5. 1 thing on your bucket list

Izze – Have and raise my own child. #mom

Evin – Sushi eating contest.

Amelia – Touch Mona Lisa’s FACE! Not her actual face because, you know, she’s dead, but touch the painting.

     6. 3 guilty pleasures

Izze – 1. Touching my eyelashes and admiring other people’s eyelashes from afar 2. One Direction (they’re European’s finest and, well, DROOL) 3. Sour Patch Watermelon. Hell yeah – talk about movie theater candy.

Evin – 1. Popping other people’s zits (I can attest that this is true -Amelia), is that gross?… 2. The smell of farts…okay I don’t actually enjoy them, but I have to smell them when someone says “I just farted and it’s so bad” 3. Green Day…NOT GUILTY

Amelia – 1. Peeing in the shower, but hey, that’s what shower shoes are for, people! 2. Burping so loudly that I startle those around me. 3. Watching children fall down…

    7. A place you want to visit before you die

Izze – The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Evin – The North Pole, but most importantly Santa’s workshop.

Amelia – Hogwarts. Shut up, it’s real.

    8. An experience you’ll never forget

Izze – Breaking a wooden board in half surrounded by wonderful people and exhilarating energy.

Evin – Growing up in two households.

Amelia – Going to an all boys boarding school for middle school.

    9. Your zodiac sign – does it fit your personality?

Izze – Cancer. I’ve found a lot of similarities and ways that it fits, but it’s also sometimes described as “weak” and easily taken advantage of, and I like to think I’m not that way.

Evin – Taurus- Yes and no, I am stubborn but not in a STUBBORN STUBBORN way. I am stubborn in the fact that I am firm in my beliefs and stick up for what I believe is right.

Amelia – Pisces. I think certain traits are spot on and certain traits come from Ares. I’m right in between the two. But I’m still not sold on whether I put much stock in zodiac signs, anyways.

    10. Your earliest memory

Izze – On my fourth birthday, since it was my golden birthday, I got to go to the front of the airplane on the way to Las Vegas.

Evin – My parents telling my sister and I when I was 3 that they were getting a divorce. Sorry to drop the divorce thing again, but for real it’s the first memory I can remember.

Amelia – My parent’s comforter and the view from their bedroom to the swing-set we had in the yard. This was from our house before we moved to Eaglebrook School when I was three.

    11. What you wanted to be when you were a child

Izze – A shoe designer – I was obsessed with shoes, I had a whole binder full of women’s shoes that I would, like, grade and score and I would draw my own shoes. I was convinced I was going to be the next Steve Madden.

Evin – Actress and an ice cream truck driver.

Amelia – A CIA trained assassin undercover as an interior designer.   

    12. An embarrassing moment

Izze – I had a blog dedicated to One Direction…no, I will not give you the link, bye.

Evin – Wow that’s hard, there are so many… I sharted in Timbuk Toys.

Amelia – Pretty much all of middle school?  

    13. Current favorite song

Izze – “I’d Be Waiting” by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Evin – “This Year” by The Mountain Goats

Amelia – “Burn Me Out” HoneyHoney

    14. Favorite quote

Izze – “Worry is a waste of imagination.” – Unknown

Evin – “Not all who wander are lost”- J.R.R Tolkien

Amelia – “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” – Albus Dumbledore  

    15. Most played song on your iTunes.

Izze – “Flightless Bird American Mouth” by Iron & Wine

Evin – “Happy Together” by The Turtles

Amelia – “All At Once” by Jack Johnson

    16. What’s your least favorite form of transportation

Izze – Segway because I’d look like a mall cop (no hate to mall cops, though, thanks for your service).

Evin – Planes, I fuckin’ hate them.

Amelia – Running.

    17. If you were invisible for one day what would you do?

Izze – I would lift small babies in the air Lion King style, making people think Jesus has been reborn – but really the baby & I would be having a good ol’ laugh about it.

Evin – Get naked, browse all the food places, spy, go to every concert happening that day, and fart in crowded places…

Amelia – Also get naked, scare the shit out of my friends, become a friendly ghost. I’m not going to lie, I would also probably do some light stalking…

    18. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

Izze – Frida Khalo – I feel like she emanates confidence and feminism and beauty and self-love.

Evin – Dr. Seuss.

Amelia – I want to say J.K. Rowling, but I’m pretty sure I would just sit there crying in awe, and no one wants to see that.

    19. What bands have you seen live?

Izze – So. Many. okay let’s do this…Bjork, The Flaming Lips (2x), The Avett Brothers (3x), Ed Sheeran (3x), Death Cab for Cutie, Cage the Elephant, Iron & Wine (3x), Damien Rice, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (2x), The Cure (2x), DeVotchKa (2x), Florence & the Machine, Flume (2x), G-Eazy (3x), Duran Duran, Peter Hook & the Light, The Head and the Heart, The 1975, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, LMFAO…

Evin – Lots, let’s see how many I can list before I get bored. Goo Goo Dolls, Life House, Colbie Caillat, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers (many times), Demi Lovato, The Killers, The Fray, The Lumineers, Cage the Elephant, Bad Sons, Panic at the Disco, 21 Pilots, Death Cab for Cutie, Lana Del Rey, The Avett Brothers, Cold War Kids, Phish, Further, my brain hurts now, that’s a good list.

Amelia – My list is so incredibly sad stacked up against these two music buffs. My favorite band to see live is The Sweet Remains. But listening to my mother sing is always a treat.

   20. If you could instantly learn any language, what would it be?

Izze – German, Hande runter (hands down).

Evin – Swahili, I could go back to Tanzania and connect with the wonderful people on a deeper level.

Amelia – French. I’m already working on Spanish and Italian, and I would really love to skip that whole spelling craziness the French have got going on and be fluent already.

   21. If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

Izze – A cat or maybe a sloth – everyone loves them and they don’t do anything all day.

Evin – Monkey, no question, MONKEY!

Amelia – If elephants could fly…

    22. What story does your family always tell about you?

Izze – They LOVE to talk about the band I was in when I was 8 – most importantly the song I wrote, called Green Day…

Evin – When I was really little (really little I swear), I used to try and look under women’s dresses/skirts on the tv. My dad thinks that story is hilarious.

Amelia – I’m sure I’ve provided them with more stories than they know what to do with. They still really seem to get a kick out of my “Do the Wedgie Dance For Canada” song I used to sing.

   23. What’s the 19th photo on your phone?

Izze – AWE this is actually a picture of my dad and I making bread together – aka my favorite thing to do with my dad. He taught me to put rosemary in bread – it makes it like 10 times better.


Evin – Alani and I filling up my tank, I was scared to do it alone.


Amelia – Prom junior year with a goof named Chris. We won the “Couple that should have been” superlative our senior year, it’s no big deal… only it is. It’s a big deal. We’re adorable.



   24. How many siblings do you have?

Izze – Three brothers! One older brother named Ian, he’s 26 and he’s into comic books. Sandisz is 17 and he’s the supreme fashionista of the family – he also likes to “cheese, cheese all over the place.” Oliver is 13 and he LOVES to play video games and he HATES people taking photos of him.

Evin –  Sister- Kali, 22. Step sister- 23. Step brother- Davis, 19.  

Amelia – One older brother John, 22.



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