A weekend in England

Here we are in England. I’m clearly ecstatic about it. 

The stereotypes are true. Tea is drank at all hours of the day, fish & chips are delicious and popular, there are castles everywhere, and we go to the pub for a proper pint. I feel like I’ve seen so many movies and tv shows set in England – Pirates of the Carribean, Pride and Predjudice, Skins, etc. – that created these British stereotypes. I caught myself a couple times thinking “This is so British and I love it.” Now this is likely because as visitors, Amy, the wonderful woman we were staying with, wanted us to have a classically British experience. In fact, it was. She told us. 

In any case, these past four days have been full of tea, trains, umbrellas, pounds (£, the currency), cobblestone, narrow streets, loads of history, and all kinds of British accents. 

This weekend, my family here flew me and one of their daughters to York, England. We were their for four days and we stayed the last Au Pair that was with them, Amy, and her family. They were some of the best hosts I’ve ever met, I’m guessing because they were very used to it. Their house has been a home for many people over the last 12 years they’ve lived in it. They’ve had lodgers from Australia, Germany, Italy, America, Spain, and I’m sure loads of other places, too. In fact this weekend was the last few days there for a lodger they had from Spain who had lived there for four years. On Saturday night they had a little goodbye party for her, full of delicious homemade Spanish foods. While we were eating, the family was reminiscing about all the people who had lived in their home over the past few years. The ones who never did their dishes or hung around the family too much, the ones who brought home strange men, the ones who they adored and the ones that they could have lived without.

While they were talking, I was thinking about how I would love a house like that when I’ve got a family of my own. One with open doors and enough rooms for guests to stay. It’s good home, a loving and cozy home. 

We spent our days exploring and traveling. One day in York, one day in Knaresbrough, and one day in Leeds. I saw so much history in one place,  as so many churches and the remnants of so many old castles remained. 

I’d like to go back to the UK again, maybe stay with Amy again. Hopefully I’ll make my way back there soon. Until then, it’s back to beautiful Spain where my job as an Au pair will officially begin. 

One thought on “A weekend in England

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