Update from Evin… Finally

“Monday March 28- Well I haven’t journaled at all since leaving school. I was really good at finding excuses, like not having time. Which was sometimes valid. But I also think that a big part of it was that I was in a pretty good place mentally and wasn’t struggling with processing a lot. It was actually amazing that there wasn’t many things that happened that I didn’t have anyone to talk to about . At the beginning of my stay in breck I was worried that I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to about personal or odd things. Izze and Amelia were on a different content! But little did I know I would become so close with many wonderful people that I could share beautiful things with…”

….that was the beginning of my (Evin) first journal entry out of the states. Literally. I was in a plane probably over the ocean. Saying goodbye to my cozy mountain habitat that I had become very in love with. I had a wonderful 3 months and exactly 85 days of work. Packed with waist

deep powder days, karaoke nights, humans that have become dearto me and so many other unforgettable moments. As I kept saying in my Instagram posts, leaving breck was bittersweet. I couldn’t possibly be too saddened when I was leaving to travel other countries with my two favorite ladies. I should tell you all that plans have changed from our ordinal itinerary. Which we could have guessed because nothing ever goes as planned, as it should be. That would make life quite boring. So instead of stating out devious plans and then telling our new ones. I am just going to say our new ones, again this is what we know of as now, but there’s always the chance and opportunity for them changing. First I met Izze and Amelia in London. That same night we bussed from London to Manchester . From Manchester we found ourselves in our current location, Edinburgh, Scotland. Now that we are caught up to the present, let’s discuss the future (as we know it). From Edinburgh we will travel to Croatia, from there we will go onto Thailand, next comes Paris and (this is a little fuzzy), but we do know that from Paris and if any other places that we do small trips from we will go to Iceland and then back to the states! The end of our trip becomes a little different for each of us. I will be staying in Iceland for about a month and then heading home to the states. Oh man oh man. 

My excitement hasn’t ceased, each day a rush of excitement comes over me when I realize the journey that we are on. It’s been about 15 days since I left breck and although it’s been quite the transition. I am thankful for all that I have and will learn and this opportunity. As Dr. Seuss says in one of my favorite books: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”. It’s up to us all individually what we will do with our lives and HOW we will will go about living. Much Love- Evin 

P.S. My next post won’t be nearly as long. I just wanted to update everyone. 


2 thoughts on “Update from Evin… Finally

  1. Evin, this is Bugzi here, Isobel’s gramma……I loved your blog. I responded to it and wrote several thoughts …..for some reason I lost the whole message/thoughts to you….I would rather send smoke signals to communicate rather than try to navigate the computer!!!
    Maybe you or Iz might find it even it is ….if possible.

    I will read your blog again see if I can remember (a major IF).what I responded to…..and what I wrote……..lus of hugs to you 3!


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