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Hola, Ciao, Halló

Welcome to our travel blog! Here you’ll find three different writers reflecting on time in three different places. Our names are Amelia, Evin, and Izze, we’re college students from the United States of America, and by some stroke of luck, we met as roommates during our Freshman year of college. We all have different goals, different passions, different motivations, but we’ve come together to embark on a wild, educational, and adventurous journey to Spain, Italy, and Iceland.

The three of us have recently found ourselves in a place in which we wish to take control of our education for a semester. We have spent many years in the classroom and now we are taking an opportunity to learn outside of it. We recognize that learning by experience is as valuable (and in some cases – more) as learning inside the classroom. We are entering our travel with three varying and unique perspectives that will act as different lenses with which to experience and learn through.

Evin- Hello world! I’m Evin, born and raised in beautiful Colorado, which largely influenced my love of the outdoors. Along with a passion for the outdoors, I am passionate about art, expression, humanitarian justice, outdoor-education, people, culture, exercise, animal rights and the list goes on. Each day I discover something new that interests me and that I want to incorporate into my life. As one can guess, picking one thing to major in has been quite difficult. But with my recent involvement in my college outdoors program, assistant leading trips almost every weekend, I have begun to see the path I wish to head towards. I want to go in the direction of outdoor education and outdoor therapy, along with incorporating my other passions. With this time off and exploration of new ideas, I am seeking to find clarity to what it is I will be studying in school and how I can still pursue other passions and interests in different ways.

Amelia- My name is Amelia and I’m currently an Art History major and am studying to have a career in Art Conservation. I am from a small town in New England and for my whole life I have either lived at or gone to various different boarding schools in rural New England. I’m what you would call a “prep school baby,” and proud! My somewhat unusual upbringing taught me that there was a strict path you had to follow; get into a good high school and get good grades to get into a top tier college. Once you were in college you had to simultaneously get good grades, figure out your entire future, and apparently have the best time of your life. I always felt like if I took one misstep, or strayed from this path, I would fall behind and my life would fall apart. This trip is meant to teach me, and any readers who feel the same pressure I do, that in life you have infinite options and opportunities.

Izze – My name is Isobel, you can call me Izze. I’m originally from Denver, Colorado and I’m currently 19 years old. Coming into college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, but I did know that I had an interest in studying social justice and the human condition. This turned into taking some Sociology and Anthropology classes, all of which spiked my interest. Then, after a semester of working inside an elementary school, and a summer of working at a summer camp for girls, I realized my passion for education, and how incredibly important the process of educating our youth really is. Now, my intention is to become an educator working closely with children. With this adventure, I want to come back to my own education and to the rest of my future with a bigger world and varying perspectives. I’m excited about all the things I’ll learn and all the new experiences I’ll have under my belt to share.

Disclaimer: We plan to write and reflect honestly on our experiences pre-, during-, and post-travels abroad. This could include some mild adult language and content along with opinions and reflections. If there are opinions or statements which a reader feels they disagree or wish to confront or discuss, we encourage comments – this kind of feedback can only contribute to the growth we are striving for.

As a collective society of free-thinkers, we all have varying opinions and means of expression – this blog is an example of some of those. We are deciding to be honest throughout our reflections, remaining intelligent, conscious, and thoughtful.

Our intentions are never too offend. If a reader feels offended by any content, we again encourage your feedback and are happy to discuss it.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You should all check out the Graduate Programs at Naropa University – especially, Evin, the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology – Wilderness Therapy program! Seems right up your alley! Great blog! Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Y’all should check out the Graduate Programs at Naropa! Evin – especially the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology – Wilderness Therapy Program! Seems right up your alley! Also – great blog! Can’t wait to read more!!!


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