Amelia Landenberger on – the BLARF

Backpacking is tricky for the variety of human who enjoys stuff.

That may sound vague. By “stuff” I mean just stuff in general. All/any kind of stuff. Clothes, blankets, toiletries, sports equipment, mugs, that one book you probably won’t read because you’ve started about 5 times and don’t get past the third chapter. Stuff.

Hello. My name is Amelia and I too am a “stuff addict.” This addiction usually manifests for me in clothes. And so naturally I spent a guiltily large amount of time planning for this trip thinking about what I would pack. We were backpacking after all. There’s just so little space!! We also had to plan for various different climates. Some hot, some cold, some in posh metropolitan cities and some off in some mountain miles from a town. I had a lot of elements to think about.

In this article I will let you in on a little secret. A packing tip, one might say, although I would argue that it has nothing to do with packing, something to do with style, and all to do with the BLARF.

What is a BLARF you ask? Well a BLARF, or less commonly called a Skanket, is a magical, magical little item. It is versatile, it is cozy, it’s relatively easy to pack, and it’s classy fuck.
The BLARF is a blanket, any pattern or fabric of your choice, that, wrapped around your shoulders and or neck, become a type of scarf or poncho.
-But Amelia, you are describing a shawl.
Oh, simpleton, how wrong you are. A BLARF is far more majestic than a common shawl. A shawl is made and bred for wearing. A BLARF, like a wild horse, was forced into your control; it is a blanket you have broken to become a scarf. That is one of the many wonders of the BLARF.

Another of its many talents is versatility. For this reason, it becomes a packing essential. It is warm, can be added on top of almost anything, and -if done right- can make you look effortlessly cozy-casual.
Cold on a bus ride? Blanket!
Neck uncomfortable on a plane? Pillow!
Only have dirty wrinkled tank tops? Cover up!
Suddenly starts raining? Hooded shawl!
Need to burry your face is shame? No problem!

Added bonus- BLARF is incredibly fun to say. Just try it yourself. Do it. Try it!

I could go on but then I would be taking the fun out of discovering the magic of the BLARF for yourself.