Did we really need that word picture? 

Halló!I (Evin) am sending greetings from Iceland ! If you follow our Instagram, or if you just read that previous sentence. You know that I am no longer in Croatia, or Thailand and neither are Izze and Amelia. Clearly I haven’t written a post since. That’s because I suppose I am better at eating food rather than consistently writing about it, oops. Don’t get me wrong I attempted! But I don’t believe I ever promised I would. I think I just said “get ready for more” or something like that. So I hope you’ve all been getting ready, I gave you all a long time…(Oh you didn’t think this whole post was about food did you…) Well there will be talk of food. And also things not about food. Now enough about what I may have or haven’t said. Here is a update from me. 

The Delightful The T.M.I and The Questionable- A poem by Evin about all the things.

We celebrated my 20th year                   

We had leftover wine and zebra cakes do not fear

Our dirty underwear washed in someones sink

Don’t worry I threw away the sponge…I think

14 hours in a train

Couldn’t poop or I would fall in the drain

Riding scooters all around Pai

Feeling like I could fly

Pad Thai noodles will begin to grow from my ear

And Tom Yum soup was always near

Amelia in a Thai hospital though not from an extra drink

Man, that night really did stink

Bamboo tattoo? We couldn’t refrain

I know I know how mundane 

Caves, waterfalls and temples of beauty that could make one cry

Desired to learn about all of them, but only if we try

Dinner on a stick, played with the little bug like a puppeteer 

He was small enough to come out your rear

Eiffel Tower could use a skating rink

Too over the top? Maybe just on the brink

Dachau Memorial in the rain 

We realize the importance to remember the pain

Little that we can buy

On day 1 salami meat and cheese are desirable to the eye

Reykjavik Penis museum sightseer 

Space pods at night to disappear 

Smiling until our faces are forced to blink

Crying until I turn pink

On a farm there is much to maintain

As well a much knowledge to gain

Horses can be a bit shy

But not Frosti, he is my guy

Don’t milk cows in your favorite casimir

Because soon a ton of shit will appear

Icelandic lambs are softer than mink

If you own mink perhaps you should re-think

Animals don’t seem to be in pain

Despite their being part of the food chain

The sun still sits high

But it’s 11:30pm so I must say my goodbye

Of course that isn’t all that has happened since but I think it gives some good mental pictures ( and some not) and leaves some to be saved for later.

For a quick tid bit of something related to food. Last night we had lamb, not sure if it was our lamb or from another farm. Either way I hope I did not floss little Sean out of my teeth… 

Until next time my friends, no promises made this time, perhaps that will help me post more frequently.

Much love and much smelling like farm, Ev.